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Celebrations of Life

Celebrations of Life

We believe that a loved one’s life should be celebrated and honored. When Straight to the Plate Catering is asked to cater to a celebration of life, we want to get to know the person we are honoring, so we may personalize the catering experience. We will help you design the menu and will incorporate some of the details into our catering that made this person so special to you (perhaps a favorite hobby, love of sports, gardening, travel).

Honoring Your Loved One

Our team guides you in the planning the rentals and flowers to celebrate the person’s life in a wonderful way. At the Celebration of Life, we want you to spend time with family members and friends and not have to worry about the catering details. We look forward to assisting in honoring your loved one during this difficult time.

We invite you to look at our “Menus” page for a sampling of ideas on designing your menu to honor your loved one.

We also welcome you to give us a call today to honor your loved one through our fresh and flavorful culinary delights and let us design a menu for you.

Whether it is an intimate Celebration of Life or a large gathering honoring your loved one, our multi-award winning team, would be honored to cater and to take care of the details.  Call us today and let's talk about how we may honor this very special person with our catering services.


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