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We are humbled and honored to have been chosen for the second year in a row for the Zonie Award for 2015, Best Catered Event under $50k! We catered the over 450 guest count Cool off in Style in June, 2015. By elevating our barbacoa tacos, serving them in corn husks, the guests applauded the fun presentation. We also pleased the pallets of our guests with our Signature Skewered Bacon as well as our Watermelon Feta with mint drizzle.

Sadly, it has been reported recently that some hikers have succumbed to the fierce Arizona heat. Please remember to stay well hydrated while outside this summer! Whether you are doing yard work, hiking, or any other outside activity, there are many ways to stay hydrated. Make sure you hydrate before your activity and have plenty of chilled water available too. Or better yet, have on hand frozen water bottles, so you have chilled water available during your outside activity. Take a minute to slice up oranges, watermelon and/or plenty of grapes, so you can stay hydrated and get some important nutrients during your activity. If you are hiking or traveling, please always let someone know where you are going and have a charged cell phone with you. And, don’t forget the sunscreen! Remember to stay safe, respect the Arizona heat, and have fun this summer!

What shall I choose?  

Appetizers Only, Sit Down Dinner, Family Style or Buffet?

Let’s take the mystery out of each service type to find what is best for you!

Whether you are a corporate client wanting to take care of your employees and clients or a bride and groom planning your reception and first meal as a new family, find a style that works best for you and your budget!  When thinking about your event, there are several types of service available. The most common are all appetizers, plated, family style, buffet, and action stations.   Each format and style has its own benefits.  Here is a description of them and some of the pros and cons of each one to help plan your perfect event!


Appetizers Only – This works great for spaces that don’t lend themselves to sit down service, or when wanting to create a more party-like atmosphere. Trays of appetizers are continually passed throughout the duration of the party or a buffet of appetizers may be set up for the guests’ enjoyment.  Or what about a combination of the two!  Many clients, when on a budget, think that they’ll save money by just serving appetizers; however, they don’t realize that appetizers-only parties are usually one of the most expensive types of service, since each elegant appetizer is like an entire mini entree with every one needing to be cooked, assembled, garnished, sauced & plated. Plus, we have to make so many more pieces of food to fill people up.  An assortment of dips, hummus and tapenades are a great alternative to the individual small bite appetizer to help keep to a budget.

Caterers usually figure 1 1/2 to 2 pieces of each appetizer per person. So, if you are having 7 different appetizers, that means we have to make each guest 12-14 individual, composed pieces of food.  For a 40 person party that’s almost 560 appetizers!  As opposed to 40 salads, 40 filets, 40 glazed root vegetables and and 40 servings of steakhouse mashed potatoes.  Since most of the time, the party is during dinner time, even though you’re not serving a main course, we still have to make enough appetizers to fill your guests up. Plus many times, people will have cocktail parties for longer periods of time, than a standard dinner service. So while a dinner service might start at 6 p.m. and be done by 7:30 p.m., people will have cocktail parties from 7-11pm and expect food to be served the whole time. If you’re on a budget, but have your heart set on an all appetizer party, try adjusting the hours. 8-11pm or 2-5pm. This basically tells guests to have lunch or dinner first and come for a bite after. Or shorten your event from  6-8. or 7-9.  It is often less expensive to have a few appetizers and buffet dinner, than 5 hours of appetizers!


Sit Down-Plated Service – With a formal sit-down dinner, your guests sit at tables and the meal is served to them by the waitstaff. This is considered more formal than any other type of service. It looks elegant and stylish, and guests will eat the dish the way it was designed to be eaten, with the right amount of sauce and appropriate side items. Another big advantage of a sit-down dinner is that it gives you more control over the timing of your reception. You can plan the exact time for each element of your wedding reception (champagne toast, the first dance, etc) or corporate event (presentations, speeches, etc.).   Also, your guests don’t have to wait in line to get their food.

While the food costs are usually less than the other styles of service, since the portions are controlled, your staff costs will be much higher, as you will need at least 1 server per 1-2 tables, plus the service captain, and more kitchen staff to execute the plating in an efficient and timely manner.


Family Style – This is very trendy right now!  And it’s perfect for a more informal couple or event. However, it is also surprisingly, the most expensive!  First off, you need more food, since every platter needs to look plentiful when it’s placed on the table. And since everyone can serve themselves, including seconds, you have to have enough of each item for every person. Plus you need lots of staff to bring all the platters to each of the tables. You don’t want the steakhouse mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables to get to the table and have the beef brisket and chicken pot pie arrive 10 minutes later.  Lastly, the cost to rent all the platters needed for each of the menu items, for each of the tables, can be very high. With that said, if you’re looking for a relaxed, casual environment, where guests have more control over their meals, family style might just be perfect for you!


Buffet Service – This style consists of platters or chafing dishes of foods artfully arranged on central tables. Guests usually move along the buffet line and serve themselves or an attendant will assist with the main courses. When their plates are filled, guests take them to a dining table to eat. Servers usually provide beverage service at table-side or a beverage station is available. The pros/cons to this style of service is you have a little bit lower staff costs, but higher food costs, since you don’t know what the guests will select, and they control their portions and can come back for seconds. Plus, even with a two sided buffet line, you will have people lined up to take their turn.  Key to the success of buffet is to call tables one by one. Rather than having a free for all with all 150 guests in line at once.

Another way to off set the waiting is to have the first course, usually a salad, pre placed when guests get to their tables, or just after, so guests have something to eat/do while waiting for their turn at the buffet line.


Action Stations/Food Stations. Similar to a buffet, except chef and/or attendants prepare and serve foods at the buffet (rather than in the kitchen). Adding a couple of action stations to Buffet style of service can help alleviate the long lines at the main buffet, plus it adds a fun interactive element to the event and guests love the chance to interact with the chef.

Foods that lend themselves well to action station service include some of our customers’ favorites:  charcuterie station (cured meats, cheeses, salads), mashtini bars (mashed potato served with an assortment of toppings and served in a martini glass), build-your-own seafood cocktail, pasta stations, carving stations,  gourmet taco, gourmet burgers, and dessert stations like our Mini Donut Machine Station!  Extra cost associated with these types of stations are one or more chefs and/or attendants for the station (depending on guest count), extra pans/tools for cooking and plates for each serving.  Check out many of Straight to the Plate’s Action Stations and Food Stations

When planning your next event, call Straight to the Plate Catering so we may help with a style and design your culinary experience!  Remember, make your event GREAT with Straight to the Plate!

Couples’ Choice Awards Winner 2015

We are delighted to announce that, once again, we received the 2015 Couples’ Choice Awards from Wedding Wire. We are pleased to add this award to our awards we received over the previous two years.

We continually work hard to meet the catering needs of our clients to earn their 5 stars. From a bride’s reception and first meal as a new family, to a large corporate event, we are ready to serve our clients. Thank you for trusting us! We look forward to another great year of serving our fresh and flavorful culinary delights!

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Straight to the Plate Catering was honored and humbled to receive this award for our event, “Crush!” We had an amazing team of 15 who served 250 guests, all while a plane was being decommissioned. Check out the video from the night here.


Straight to the Plate received a Zonie!

Straight to the Plate Catering received a Zonie!

I was ever so pleased to have a reporter with the East Valley Tribune shadow me at Infusionsoft for a catering event. My story is a unique one, and was captured in the East Valley Tribune in the Money section on May 18. I am truly thankful for each and every day, and the opportunity to provide my culinary delights to many. See the full article here.


We were thrilled to be a part of Daniel and Danielle’s First Meal as a New Family on November 24, 2012. We served our culinary delights to their 175 guests. We are honored to have been featured as their caterer in Phoenix Bride and Groom Magazine.

A Smashing Good Time!

Straight to the Plate was pleased to cater the Aeroturbine corporate event in Goodyear, AZ on April 8, 1014. We whipped up 30 of our culinary delights to please the paletes of over 200 vendors, suppliers, employees, and competitors. Highlights of the menu were the seafood station, caramel fountain, carving station, signature mashtini, and the always popular bacon delights. Watch the YouTube video to see highlights of the night and video of the airplane domolition.

Announcing Our Youtube Video

While we are busy in the kitchen whipping up our fresh, culinary delights, we are also hard at work behind the scenes too. We are excited to reveal to you our first youtube video. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to be the first person to see our upcoming videos.

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August 6, 2013Sue Carlisle by Kristi Church Media 2013 (2 of 14)


Phoenix, AZ, August 5, 2013 – Straight To The Plate Catering will attend ICA’s The Art of Catering Food conference in Philadelphia as a recipient of the ICAEF (International Catering Association Educational Foundation) Scholarship Award from August 11-13, 2013.

Straight To The Plate is happy to announce their attendance at the ICA Art of Catering Food conference in Philadelphia this month as a scholarship recipient of the International Catering Association Educational Foundation. This presents an incredible opportunity to attend this educationally intense conference, which is hosted by world-class caterers and the leading faces of the industry.

“We will be learning new trends and techniques that we can then bring to our customers to make their first meal as a new family, at family celebrations, or corporate celebrations and events even more special!  It’s three full days of non-stop learning from the best in the industry!” –Sue Carlisle, Professional Caterer and Owner of Straight To The Plate Catering.

At the conference, Straight To The Plate Catering will shadow a world-renowned chef for the duration of their training.  This will deepen even further their expertise in all aspects of running a top-tier catering business. This exclusive training will enhance Straight To The Plate’s ability to service their clientele as they expand into new heights of growth for 2014 and beyond.

ICAEFAbout the ICAEF Scholarships:

The International Caterers Association Educational Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation created to provide educational opportunities to professional caterers worldwide. It was established to foster the advancement of ICA member firms, in their knowledge of the catering and hospitality industry, as well as the development of sound business practices.

The Foundation makes it possible for qualified individuals including owners, managers and employees of member firms, to attend designated educational conferences in connection with the International Caterers Association. The Art of Catering Food, scheduled for August 11-13th 2013 in Philadelphia, is designed primarily for culinary staff, including chefs, cooks and support staff. Scholarships are awarded based on financial need and/or merit. The criteria includes that the firm must be a member of the ICA for at least one year. The value of the scholarship is the FULL COST OF TUITION for the conference.

For more information please visit Straight To The Plate’s blog at or contact email This press release is respectfully submitted by Kristi Church Media in cooperation with Straight To The Plate Catering. You may reach us at